Does My Business Need a Blog?

“I don’t think I need a blog for my website, it doesn’t sound like it would be very helpful for my industry.”

“Isn’t a blog something that someone writes like a journal or a diary?”

“We just don’t have the budget for a blog.”

Image credit: Photo by  Christin Hume  on  Unsplash

Image credit: Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Have you thought some of these things or cut your blog out of your marketing strategy completely? You’re costing yourself a lot of valuable attention (and revenue) that you could otherwise be making!

Do I need a Business Blog?

The above statements are just some of the responses I’ve heard when talking to business owners and brands about the value of business blogs. For some businesses, a blog has been established and a few posts have been added – but it hasn’t been updated in months or years and is just collecting dust. Others express that having a business blog just doesn’t seem helpful – after all, why should they add one when things are going just fine?

Why does your business need a blog? Because blogs are a major part of a content marketing strategy and they have the potential to bring you even more business. Doesn’t that sound good? Here are three reasons why your business needs a blog:

Business blogs help you grow brand awareness.

There have been countless studies done that show just how effective and useful blogs are for businesses. As a matter of fact, businesses with a blog are able to generate more leads over those who don’t have a blog – the more leads you have, the greater chance of turning those leads into customers.  

Blogs are also a drastically valuable tool in terms of marketing. Once you publish a blog on your website, you now have content to share across social media platforms and increase your ranking on search engines! The content you invest in now has the potential to attract and educate customers about your brand for months and years down the line.

You communicate directly with your customers.

As a business owner, understanding your customers and their needs + wants is a valuable marketing tool. When you have blog, which you can also link up across social media platforms, you create content that allows them to connect with you – this relationship-building develops trust and loyalty and gives you a leg up on the competition. It gives your brand a face, a personality -- and sometimes customers prefer to connect with a person over a brand.

A blog also gives you the opportunity to establish authority in a certain topic. For example, if you have a skincare line, a blog highlighting details about common skincare issues, ways in which your product helps and other tips and information that's helpful to your ideal customer will help you stand out against a skincare company that simply sells a product without appearing as knowledgeable, accessible or connected as you.

SEO is built up with consistent, quality content.

You don’t need to be an expert in search engine optimization (SEO) to know that consistent, quality content will help you increase your position in the search engines. Writing a few blogs and then waiting to hit the number one spot on Google in a week isn’t going to happen – you need to put out consistent blogs over the course of weeks and months to gain that coveted spot. That's not to say that it will take months to see a difference -- not at all! As with any marketing strategy, each new post added to your business blog helps your online presence grow and you have content to share to develop a community both online and off. 

While it seems impossible to keep up with changing algorithms and search engine rules, the bottom line is this: search engines favor website with fresh, quality content over websites that aren’t updated as often. It’s all about offering useful information to your audience!

Whether you want to use fresh new content to reach your audience, establish authority, or simply have content to share with an email list or social media platforms, there are many reasons why having a blog on your website is valuable and offers a substantial ROI over other marketing efforts.

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